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Token               ERC-20

Blockchain              ETH

Rank                 5

Max Supply      600m



$16.27 -0.30%

 LGCT CSH  4.1m  +0.97%

Certificate Of Ownership [COO]

COO USD Price  

At Close           27.03.20    

100                   $1,627.00

1000                 $16,270.00                             10,000              $162,700.00

LGC-Coin Market Statistics  

Market Cap      $4,620,680,000.00                

Circulating        284,000,000.00

24h Volume     19,228.70

7d Volume       401,712.91

Change           -2.655%

LGC-Coin Certificate of Ownership (COO) comes in values of 1000 (ONE THOUSAND COINS) and 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND COINS). Each of the 600,000,000 LGC-Coins are assigned to a certified COO. 

Movement of LGC-Coins on the blockchain ledger [04.15.2019] are now only authorised in increments with a minimum value of one COO (ONE THOUSAND COINS). Less values are not through an authorised partner.

COO's are accepted as payment for all products and services through Luxure Global Citizen and their selected partners. For further details please click the button below or call their New York office on (001) 646-512-5810, alternatively our team are on hand to assist.  

Certificate of Ownership

LGC-Coin Lexis Nexis 

LGCWA 100 INDEX protected by Lexis Nexis World Complience 

Post-ICO LGC-Coin Wallets 


Under LGCT International, we have taken control of the 100 wallet addresses (LGCWA 100 Index) Post-ICO, which are segmented into countries, origins, client investment size and alphabetical order. Internal trading takes place between LGC-Coin custodians and reassigned accordingly. When purchasing LGC-Coins, a minimum investment is 12 months or 90 days with 30 days notice when liquidating coins for a purchase through Luxure Global Citizen.