Pioneering the controlled growth of a future stablecoin backed by gold reserve assets pegged at a value 1/100th of an ounce of gold per LGC-Coin.

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The First authorised trading partner with the largest global stock holding of the rare LGC-Coin cryptocurrency.


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Online trade platform is an innovative CFDs trading platform for both corperate and private clients. KYC & AML onboarding requirements.



Detailed statistics on LGC-Coin, including COO values, global circulation of currency, LGCT current stock holding and market cap data.



Detailed statistics on top 10 ranked cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH and XRP data powered by Coin Market Cap.


LGCT International is the first authorised
trading partner

With the largest global stock holding of the rare LGC-Coin cryptocurrency. Our dedicated experienced brokers welcome Private and Corporate clients seeking pairings of top cryptocurrencies listed on our Markets page with LGC-Coin for the purposes of converting digital assets into tangible assets.

Due to cryptocurrencies being mainly unregulated, LGC-Coin is striving to become an recognised alternative liquidity option for tangible appreciating assets such as real estate – a currency falling inline with alternative regulated assets on stock-markets such as FTSE100 and Dow Jones. In doing so, the LGC-Coin value is strictly calculated on an internal algorithm based on the ERC-20 tokens blockchain ledger, private trades and supply & demand – not manipulated by false de-centralised exchanges order-books commonly associated with most top platforms.

“The foundation mission for Luxure Global Citizen (LGC) has always been one that's focused on both value and quality. As a highly regarded global rewards platform, the main strength of the brand is to work continuously alongside the world's most prestigious companies and to provide the ultimate shopping experience for our valued clients. By introducing the world's first cryptocurrency for the luxury market, custodians receive both a digital currency and signed certificate of ownership, enabling real-world luxury transactions through the forthcoming relaunched App. Luxure Global Citizen continues to strive towards a future retail presence in the worlds most renowned locations such as Bond Street, Mayfair. Luxure Global Citizen will remain a family holding for generations to come”
Luke Wilson
Founder & CEO
Luxure Global Citizen

LGC-Coin at Rolls-Royce

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Since 2017 we have been empowering our clients with crypto-financial services.

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The welfare of our community of colleagues, customers and partners has been our absolute priority throughout this time of uncertainty.

LGCT International LTD have made the very difficult decision of closing our offices from 8am, Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice. This places restrictions on client trades, including a maximum trade amount per client of $10,000.00 per calendar month.

We thank you for your understanding.